December 31, 2011

Will Chalker says Happy New Year @ J. Crew

Everybody remember Will's face popping up during J. Crew's holiday campaign shot in the Italian Alps and released this past November?

It'd been a while since he shot for the label prior to that. So, I must say, it's nice to see his face again, fresh haircut in tow, for the January 2012 catalog. He's truly one of my favorite models. And a real perennial.

Shamelessly shot on my iPhone while gawking in the Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, this past summer:

P.S.: Loooove Clarins, btw...Will, or no Will...

P.P.S: Interestingly enough, I've yet to see this product -- the Ab Firming Body Toning Gel -- sell on Clarins' U.S. site or its counters at any of the major department's still obtainable here in the states if you look elsewhere for it, but it makes me wonder about the actual effectiveness of the product itself.

non-iPhone images courtesy of J. Crew

July 23, 2011

hello again

it's been just about a year since i last made any activity on this blog.

life changed. time became a much desired luxury.

but i hope to breathe life back into my blog.

starting now. maybe.
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