March 21, 2010

Daniel Liu for GQ Taiwan March 2010

Mad Man, GQ Taiwan March 2010
photography: Chiun-Kai Shih
styling: Bernando Siaotong
source: Ford, by way of AMB and Flashbang (tFS)

UPDATE 05.06.2010 >> A few more images were added to tFS archives about a little less than a month ago...and I just got around to updating my own "blog archives" here...these come off of via Flashbang...

March 15, 2010

Mad Men X Barbie

The J. Crew Vintage Splattered Sweatshirt

I've been waiting for this sweatshirt to surface since January! It's finally for sale online.

A couple initial thoughts based on what I can see from the images:

1. The processed and painted touches are nice, but they don't seem as texturized or crustified as the original, which Matthew Goode wears in the January edition of GQ.

2. Missing elbow patches! This isn't necessarily a dealbreaker for me, but if workwear is the theme, elbow patches are certainly a nice and relevant touch...wouldn't you say? Below, the first image comes from the company's spring preview. The second image is a closeup of the actual selling piece.

I really want to like this I refuse to pass final judgement at this time. There's no mention that it's "catalog/ only" I'm hoping I can check out the piece in person at one of the area stores. That'll be my mission this week.

March 12, 2010

Liberty of London for Target Bedding Launches Early in MN

While browsing the aisles at my Roseville T1 Target last night, I was surprised to find a shelf of the Liberty of London bedding already put out onto the floor (official release isn't until this coming Sunday). Per Racked NY, this was one of the first major movers at the New York pop-up shop, which closed early due to overwhelming response (the shop was supposed to stay open until tomorrow!). I wonder how long it will last here. I love the prints, but the bedding isn't for me...sorry, just a bit too femmy even for my tastes...

A quick scan of the rest of the store didn't yield any other products from this collection. And a call this morning to the Nicollet location (next door to corporate HQs, and often the place to find early releases of their designer collabs) confirmed they won't be puting out stuff until Sunday. Sad. Still waiting for my shirts, ties, and boxers I guess...

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé in Telephone

With much anticipation and baited breath have I been waiting for the release of this music video. The song itself is so hot, and now I can conclude that the video only adds to that factor.

The following, a list of my favorite aspects and moments of the music video:

1. Commenting on hermaphroditic rumors.

Prison Guard #1: I told you she didn't have a dick.
Prison Guard #2: Too bad.

This while Gaga, pantyless and in fishnets, climbs her jailbars and flashes the viewer her (blurred) crotch. What a way to keep the speculation going!

2. Smokin' hot eyewear.

Literally. I wonder how many takes and how many cigarettes went into this sequence. And the smoke couldn't have been fun to tolerate, dontcha think?

3. The fat black woman sighs upon taking a glance at Gaga on the recess grounds. Her sound and expression. Hillarious.

4. Diet Coke cans for curlers.

Alexander McQueen used pop cans in his FW 2009 show. In a way, I saw this shot above and thought, how befitting in light of everything. Of course, I'm sure the intent was more white trash (more on that below!) than high taste, but to me, the sentiment is there.

5. The "OK" sign.

6. Product placement.

As Lady Gaga is the creative director for Polaroid, how appropriate she'd be flashing pictures with an old-school camera and film.

7. Beyoncé.

OMG Beyoncé deserves a category of her own. I remember reading how Lady Gaga made it clear how she didn't want to bring her Gaga persona into Beyoncé's Videophone video, she wanted to do it up "Gee-yoncé" style. Well, it's like the reverse has happened here, and this time, Beyoncé has been done up so befittingly in the Gaga aesthetic. There's that bee-eyed headdress she dons initially. I LOVE how she gets to don the same flip-shades from Gaga's Paparazzi video. And I especially love how she freaks out at the phone and throws it on the floor in one of the sequences.

8. Americana white trash.

I love how the Gaga creative team has placed a very hot and attractive spin on trailer park living. The diner sequences are such a visually fantastic production. It's rotten, it's rocker, and it shows that consistency and the right sense of styling is all you need to work a look. Star-spangled banners mixed in with studded biker leather, midriffs, greasy looking eye makeup, and the denim. OH the denim. Distressed, shredded and gaping to the point that one could really turn heads, I really wish I could walk around with any pair like the ones on these dancers...especially the pair on Mr. Center-Stage Dude. The long tassel-y shoulder embellishments on his coat are pretty eccentric (but appropriate) too. LOVE it.

9. Jai Rodriguez.

Ooh-la-la! Yum. 'Nuff said.

March 11, 2010

Karolina Kurkova for Louis Vuitton FW 2010

:: image from by way of Chanelcouture09 @ tFS ::

March 9, 2010

Chanel Fall Winter 2010

:: image from reuters via nothingless @ tFS ::
:: remainder of images from by way of Chanelcouture09 @ tFS ::

Less than a day ago, Karl Lagerfeld staged his Chanel FW 2010 show in Paris (au Grand Palais, bien sûr), and already, images and discussion are flying everywhere regarding the show itself (an actual iceberg imported from Sweden) and the collection -- faux fur everything. Yes, faux. All of it.

It's been quite amusing to read people's reactions to what has come to pass...but I personally would like to quote Anna Wintour: "There's always a way to wear fur. Personally I have it on my back!"

Ok, so the second half of that quote I can't personally backup/emulate...yet... But I'm quite fascinated by the men's pieces he sent down the runway. I've read words like "Yeti" or "Chubaca" used to describe these pieces (might I also add the term: "Opening Ceremony X Where the Wild Things Are"??)...but personally, I find the looks humerous, lighthearted, fanciful, but eye-catchingly stunning at the same time. If only I could pull off a floor-length coat of black fuzzy.

Who is this model, btw? I'm familiar with Karl's current favorite -- Baptiste Giabiconi (below right) -- and former favorite -- Brad Kroenig (left)...both of whom comprise the remainder of the men's looks...but this other dude I'm going to have to dig around a bit further to figure out...

This jacket that Brad sports strikes me as being the most wearable. To me, the fur paneling speaks of warmth, but in such an extravagant and over the top kind of way. Expendable warmth.

Do I need a fake fur purse with two C's on it? I wonder if I just might... I'm also curious about that tufted scarf...

This last coat is like the perfect ending for any black-tie event ensemble...imagine walking into an occasion donning this! I don't think I'd want to even stop by the coat-check...thanks but no thanks, I'm keeping this baby on...

And enough with the whimsical dreaming for now...

Actual coverage of the show can be found on The Cut and the NYTimes.

Must Obtain: Vogue Hommes Japan #4

model: Julius Gerhardt for Success
photography: Josh Olin
fashion director: Nicola Formichetti

As quoted in the Daily Feed of
In the tradition of breaking new faces, Vogue Hommes Japan is out with issue #4 starring Success’ Julius Gerhardt. Josh Olins and Nicola Formichetti each continue with their juggernaut of exciting new work popping up in editorials/campaigns/and the red carpet (Nicola works with a certain young woman named Lady Gaga, in case you haven’t heard). In 3 short issues, VHJ has established itself as one of the most invigorating men’s magazines in the world with avant-garde imagery and ideas. This one should be no different. (On sale March 10th)

I must absolutely track down this issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. I must start subscribing to VHJ. Anybody know how to go about doing this in the States? I had no clue the publication as a whole was such a recent endeavor...

March 7, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

JPG for everyone. Officially released today, these frocks have been hanging out on the salesfloor at the Roseville T1 Supertarget since around the middle of last week.

As always with these hi-lo masstige collabs, the pieces are less convincing of a deal in person...although I'm on the lookout for these tattoo print mesh leggings -- already sold out online -- for a girl near and dear to my heart.

No luck at the Roseville location, a very nice girl on the floor told me she didn't recall them ever coming in, no luck at the Minneapolis location either. Maybe I'll call around and see if the other spots here in MN even stocked them...

Tyson Ballou for H&M "The Blues" Ad Campaign

While at the Mall of America, I couldn't resist from taking a couple shots of Mr. Ballou, looking as fine as ever, as he helps out H&M do the color blue in a big way. After seeing it in person, that denim shirt is definitely a good buy, especially with the darker shaded cuffs as such, I'm still wondering why I didn't pick it up...oh well...

Goodluck Tonight, Mr. Firth

Here's to hoping the incredibly attractive Colin Firth -- who totally scored with the role of George in Tom Ford's A Single Man, and was nominated for an Oscar in the Actor in a Leading Role category -- wins big at tonight's 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

March 6, 2010

Census 2010: Write-in Taiwanese

Completely felt obligated to spread the my own small way...does anybody of my same heritage ever even cross paths here on this blog? I'm guessing not...but on the off-chance there is...!

This vid is completely clever and I totally support and applaud the organized effort to raise awareness of our presence within America...I'm proud to be Taiwanese...and I'll definitely be noting this on my census survey.

Daniel Liu for V Magazine #64

image source: V by way of testinofan and Flashbang at tFS
photography: Richard Burbridge
styling: Robbie Spencer

Daniel shows up in V! Specifically, he is featured in one of the images (of five total) from the editorial spread, "All the World's a Stage", part of the current issue of V Magazine featuring Kirsten Dunst on the cover.

I love V Magazine, I first happened upon it while rummaging through Colette back in 2003...B&N hadn't begun stocking it yet...or perhaps it had and I just never took yes, it took a trip to Paris to discover an American publication...over the years, my motivation to pick up a copy off the newstand has gone up and down...but I'm seriously tempted to pick up the current issue...

March 5, 2010

Adventures in Deception: The J. Crew Painted Sun-Faded Stanton Short

I first got excited over these shorts (and posted about them) at the end of January when J. Crew previewed them in their "Behind the Design" segment for their then-upcoming spring collection. Paint-splattered in several tones over a dark blue grey background, I thought to myself, finally, something out of the ordinary that looks like some thought and creativity were involved. But even then, I also wondered, would J. Crew actually sell something like this? The shorts were definitely on-trend in their own right, but would they appeal to the tastes of their customer base?

My suspicions were somewhat allayed (or so I thought) when I saw the GQ March 2010 spread on the best new designers in America, of which one of the pages was devoted to Frank Muytjens and his bevy of male models -- one of them, sporting the same pair of shorts I had seen previously (third from the right).

:: thanks to Gary over at tFS for scanning this in! ::

However, last week, when I checked the J. Crew website for new updates, my hopes were dashed of ever owning a pair like the ones above when I saw they had put the Painted Sun-Faded Stanton short up for sale. Offered in both a light grey and quartz -- neither of which were the original color I had seen -- the painted effect was minimal, and only done mainly in white pigment (it seems you might get a few grey streaks if you're lucky).

A part of me wanted to think, wait and see, perhaps the better version will pop online later. But reading the online description of the shorts quickly dispelled any remaining hope of that:

Brand new and one of our absolute favorite shorts for the season. We wash each pair for over 300 minutes for that perfect broken-in feel (it's as if you've had them forever), then have them garment-dyed and dusted with pigment to achieve a rich, saturated color and vintage look. Finally, each one is individually splatter painted, so no two pairs are exactly alike.

As you can see, the company is really making an effort to build up the aura and appeal behind these lesser shorts. Why in the world would they ever offer anything better?

A one last attempt at trying to track down the original pair led to my emailing -- this was the reply I received:

What a totally dissatisfying response, wouldn't you say? How does somebody, who so prominently is featured in the J. Crew lexicon, have no information on a pair of shorts that have gone out for public promotion? Perhaps he had no clue which pair of shorts I was referring to given I hadn't provided any visual aids. Unlikely. When fashion is your career, you know your product. At least Anna Wintour does, right?

On the off-chance that I truly did have to spell it out for these folks, I tried once again, this time, emailing their general customer service account,, and attaching specific images of the product. The answer I received confirmed my fears from the beginning.

The cool version of these shorts were only some ploy to garner interest and attention. How do I feel about the market rendition? How bland, how dumbed down from the original. How safe. I'm not excited over these ones, and I'm certainly not impressed that once again, J. Crew has capitalized on a far superior looking sample piece for marketing purposes only to offer a diminished watered-down interpretation in reality. I refuse to be played for a fool and to be happy with what is actually being offered.

I wonder if the sample piece will ever show up at their upcoming sample sale, as Alexis over at JCA brought to my attention (on a similar note, she too has expressed her discontent over the company's deceptive practices). Oh what I wouldn't give to at least be in New York to try and rummage around and see for myself, I don't even care if they've got "sample" stamped all over the piece.

All in all, a very unproductive foray that began with optimistic hopes and ends in disappointment. I guess I'll have to DIY a pair for myself this season...thank heavens for Refinery29...

images via unless otherwise mentioned
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