December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My sister and I have decided that online shopping on Christmas day is a family tradition for us.

Santa and the pretty model on the ASOS website also wish you a happy holidays.

December 8, 2009

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, 51st & 5th, New York City

Wasn't in the store when the collection actually launched, but the place had already decked the windows and spruced up the interior with collection propaganda (in place of the previous Jimmy Choo for H&M megaposters). Love Lara Stone and Caroline Trentini. Perfection.

New York City, Impromptu Visit, #2

Was able to make my way back into the city again last visit was limited to Midtown, but honestly, I'll take Times Square and Rockefeller Center any day of the week over what's normally available to me...

I sat myself down at one end of Times Square and decided to just stare...

Target's perennial billboards, always with Times Square specific ads (as far as I can tell, and have seen)...

...oh hey there, Jamie Dornan, you're looking mighty fine tonight/always...

..."these lights will inspire you"...

Rockefeller tree finally'd still been a work in process during my last visit...just looking around at the crowds that flocked up to the tree for a picture...some nations/faiths look towards Mecca...WE have the Rockefeller tree...

And was snowing over at Saks...

Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man

Anybody as excited for the release of our generation's film adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man, written (screenplay) and directed by Tom Ford? The Tom Ford name alone is reason enough to watch. But, I think I might be especially waiting with baited breath because of this buddy above, Nicholas Hoult. Remember him? Painfully tragic-looking boy from About A Boy? He's turned beautiful now. Such big blue eyes. God works in mysterious ways.

The film premiers in New York this coming Friday (December 11), and it looks like that's the only city that shows up on ticket searches, so sadly, I'm either going to have to wait for it to arrive elsewhere closer to home, or just wait for the DVD release altogether.

December 1, 2009

Lily Cole for Sonia Rykiel pour H&M au Grand Palais

Anybody watch the Sonia Rykiel for H&M fashion show? It's completely over the top from setting (le Grand Palais!) to the decorations (themed around a mini-replica of Paris complete with la Tour Eiffel). And different from a traditional runway show, the models were featured on floats that drove down the "Champs-Elysees." I recognized Lily Cole immediately...fierce and fearless reinsman. Hot.

Anybody recognize any other faces?

If you haven't watched the vid, then I highly recommend -- it makes the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show look like utter crap.

Banana Republic Holiday Ad Campaign

I don't shop at BR. Somebody please shoot me when I do. Nothing to me spells faux-taste in a can more than this chain. I repeat, one does not all of a gain the privilege of having personal style just by shopping these racks.

Ok, rant aside, I must concede, given BR is run by a parent company with good taste in casting models, I couldn't help but snap this shot from their current holiday windows.

Who is this man?!! He's been around for ages, I think I first laid eyes upon him while flipping through an old A&F Quarterly (remember those?), back when it was still fresh and new, and then he's done some modeling for Ralph Lauren, I'm pretty sure. I'm still digging for a name, but let me know if you can ID him before I do! What a beautiful blonde.

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