December 1, 2009

Banana Republic Holiday Ad Campaign

I don't shop at BR. Somebody please shoot me when I do. Nothing to me spells faux-taste in a can more than this chain. I repeat, one does not all of a gain the privilege of having personal style just by shopping these racks.

Ok, rant aside, I must concede, given BR is run by a parent company with good taste in casting models, I couldn't help but snap this shot from their current holiday windows.

Who is this man?!! He's been around for ages, I think I first laid eyes upon him while flipping through an old A&F Quarterly (remember those?), back when it was still fresh and new, and then he's done some modeling for Ralph Lauren, I'm pretty sure. I'm still digging for a name, but let me know if you can ID him before I do! What a beautiful blonde.


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