April 22, 2010

J. Crew May 2010 Catalog

THE MODELS ARE BACK for next month! After a two month hiatus where the men's sections of J. Crew's catalogs featured unfamiliar (albeit, often times still good looking) faces of the masses, I find it nice that the company has once again decided to advertise via the age-old tried and true method of dressing up individuals who are unbelievably gifted in terms of looks.

For example, the above page features classic mainstay RJ Rogenski on the left. As for the man on the right, can somebody either confirm this, or shoot me down completely, but is that Nathan Bogle? As in the Nathan Bogle formerly of Rag & Bone? And previously connected to Natalie Portman back in '07? He's been in so many issues of the J. Crew catalog at this point, and I've always secretly wondered all this time...

Final thought...any chance the men's spreads could get a bit more editorial flavor worked into them to match the women's pages? I absolutely love the creativity that goes into selling the women's merchandise...and I realize that whimsy doesn't necessarily appeal to the common man...but imagine if it did!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the gentleman on the right is the one and only Nathan Bogle


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