April 18, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Multi Brushed Back Speckled Denim Half Kilt

Woe is me. How did I miss this one? Granted, it's my fault for not having perused images of the collection when they first went up online. Btw, does anybody out there besides me feel like the theme behind this MbMJ Resort 09 Mens collection was more cohesive and intact than normal? I'm really loving it -- the somber cool tones with splashes of fluorescence here and there, the leggings/long johns... But there's nothing quite as disheartening as discovering an item for the first time...except you found it on the sale page of Barneys, and it's already sold out :(

I want this kilt. Okay, so perhaps it's because I secretly want to look like Marc Jacobs himself and still need to play catchup to his kilt-wearing phase...but seriously, men don't have very many options when it comes to "skirt-ed" wear these days...and this piece would have been an awesome option.

Crossing my fingers that I can find it elsewhere online (a cursory look yielded zilch)...or perhaps GILT at a later date? Guys...some help here??

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