October 21, 2009

T. Rains by Traver Rains

T. Rains is Traver Rains' new line of tees, screened with processed pictures that appear to be from his own photo collection. The tall drink of handsome cowboy of the Heatherette duo, Rains draws upon a similar glam, glitz, and color but adds the right dose of rotten, testost, and Americana that altogether, borders on a trailer park chic and lets the line stand on its own.

Based on what I read from Nylon Mag, this line hasn't been out for long...in fact, Rains' myspace account that's linked to his online store seems to have only been up and running since earlier this month. I'm kinda loving the "Top" tee...complete with the cool little pistol pin...as well as the "Outhouse" tee...but the one I'm truly intrigued with has two naked cowboys on the front...I'll leave it up to you the reader to check it out on your own (you can also click through his online photogs to find the original ;) There's FREE SHIPPING for the time being added into the deal if that helps!

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