October 1, 2009

UPDATE — Soundtrack to The September Issue

A few days back, I was able to find a partial list of the music used in The September Issue.

Today, honeycombchild posts a more comprehensive list on theFashionSpot, including the instrumental portions that were used. Many thanks to honeycombchild for doing this!

Craig Richey is the composer who scored the instrumental pieces, including Opening Title and Textures, which were two tracks that I personally have been trying to hunt down. The guitar riffs and base-beats in both these songs are so catchy! The second of the songs plays when Grace Coddington dresses the beautiful Raquel Zimmermann in an Alberta Ferreti fur and oversized chunky-knit wool scarf by Giles. I love chunky knits…I wish I could find something like that to wear…JUST as chunky…

Richey has a wonderful website featuring both those tracks and a couple others. I encourage everyone to head over and take a look/listen.

And now onto the updated list of music:

Opening Title — Craig Richey
Destroy Everything You touch — Ladytron
Back From Paris — Craig Richey
The September Montage — Craig Richey
Anna’s History — Craig Richey
Textures/Grace’s History — Craig Richey
Grace’s Photos — Craig Richey
Burn It All Down — VHS Or Beta
Golf Cart — Craig Richey
Around the Bend — The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Nostrand — Ratatat
Packing For Rome — Craig Richey
At Sea — Electrelane
S to U — Chessie
Grace at Versailles — Craig Richey
Give It Up — LCD Soundsystem
Diversion — Mark Ronson
Anna’s Meltdown — Craig Richey
That Home — Cinematic Orchestra
Grace In Car — Craig Richey
Don’t You Worry — Jim Noir
Flathead — The Fratellis
Swisha — Ratatat
Suffer for Fashion — Of Montreal
Be A Star — Oh No! Oh My!
End Titles — Craig Richey

Alas, I can’t find anywhere on amazon whether or not a soundtrack CD will be released for this film…given the indy-esque nature of this movie’s release, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is truly the case.

HOWEVER, the DVD is now up for preorder here in the US! I can’t wait to get my copy, a release date doesn’t seem to have been announced yet…


  1. I really want to see that movie/documentary since it seems pretty interesting (:


  2. Thanks for the heads-up! Definitely worth listening again & again to Craig Richey's score. Wish there had been an official soundtrack with his score released.


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