October 15, 2009

Unlocking the Wonders of Blogger

Up until now, I've been playing around on my Wordpress blog, hotdishandbars.wordpress.com. Very soon after I started blogging, I realized the limitations set by Wordpress on their system for novices like me -- namely, very little flexibility with appearances outside of their set themes -- would ultimately become a hindrance. Now that I've become comfortable with the basics of blogging, I've moved on to Blogger with the goal of taking more control over how my content comes across to the reader.

Bear with me as I begin transferring some of my old posts onto this new site. I realize there are ways to completely import en masse what I've already written, but going through my old postings gives me a chance to select and tweak them as I see fit and as I continue to try to define the direction I want to take with my blog.

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