January 30, 2010

Black Book "EAT ME" Tee

As much as I'd like to proclaim absolute self-prowess when it comes to sourcing new up and coming labels, I definitely rely on the hype-machines that currently exist in our world to keep me informed. Case in point: had it not been for H&M's wide reaching visibility, I'd have never picked up on this interesting and growing brand, Black Book.
Earlier this month, I used the H&M link to his website to find he has garnered enough success to warrant sourcing in China for his latest batch of shirts. Prompted by the site's announcement of free global shipping, I just had to get his "EAT ME" tee. The colors of the tattoo-work on the male model are so vibrant, and the girl's caption-explained gesture definitely is an attention-getter. Does anybody know where the original image for this tee came from? Is the tattoo art part of the original image? Who are the models? I really want to say one of the Rayder sisters, and as for the guy...Garrett Neff? But I'm totally taking a stab in the dark here...and I'd willingly take full blame for false advertising...guys, some help here?

The Black Book business seems to still very much be a personal designer-run show, as a couple email exchanges revealed André himself as the voice of customer service when I asked to confirm my shipping address. A very courteous and motivated individual I must say. The shirt itself is much cuter in person, the colors more vibrant than in the website images, and the transfer itself feels thick and durable. I can't wait to wear it out.

And it's always fun to receive packages from a faraway land...Sweden's prepaid postage stamp is quite a cute little design.

** On another side-note, the Black Book pages on H&M are now gone as "Phase 1" of the collaboration -- picture submissions -- has now concluded. There was a tee-shirt on there similar to the "Memories" renditions on the Black Book site. But instead of Julia Stegner and man, it was of two guys...where can I find that one?!! Anybody know which shirt I'm talking about? Anybody know?

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