January 27, 2010

SNSD Loves the Iowa Hawkeyes in Oh!

SO...if I were to ever admit to a having a secret vice, it would definitely be my constant intrigue with the Korean girl group SNSD, aka, Girls' Generation. Who's already seen their most recent music video for their song, Oh!, just released yesterday?

The football/cheerleader/danceline theme definitely shows how American trends leave no stone uncovered. But what's even funnier, the girls are tossing around a helmet that belongs to the Iowa Hawkeyes! So are the male hotties, whose -- unfortunately -- own helmets are never off during the whole of the video. AAaaawwww. Of all the fifty states, these girls halfway across the world (read: their costume designer) picks the one smack dab in the middle of the Heartland to source for props. How touching. Score one for the midwest...whoooo. I mean, WHOOOO! Just kidding. But seriously, aren't university insignias usually required to be licensed out for use by the general public? Is the University of Iowa receiving a fat royalty check in the mail in return for the use of its bird?

In general, the video is pretty fab. As with previous vids, the girls aren't necessarily trend-makers, but the themes are pretty on-trend...if on-trend is defined to be what one might currently find at Forever 21. Over the knee boots...not quite thigh-high, but essentially the Asian girl's equivalent in most cases...high-waisted shorts...chunky statement rings that take pride in NOT coming across as expensive...PLAID...of course of course, nothing earth-shattering, but well accepted in land of the juniors section by now.

But you know what makes the video? THE HAIR. The fabulous big-hair extensions, in all the artificial shades Asian girls love, curled, teased, frizzed, vamped, and vavoomed to such extremes in order to further drive home the point that nobody's natural hair is good enough. NOBODY'S.

What I find THE most titillating, however, is the cliffhanger at the end of the video, where we get a glimpse of the girls done up BADASS. Like...dirty, filthy, sexy, rotten. I do hope a video of them dressed like this actually does come to fruition eventually. TABs (trendy Asian bitches) in black. There's nothing more pleasing to the eye. Now I want to hang out with THOSE SNSDs.

...if only that was actually the bird Yuri's giving...if only...

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