January 4, 2010

Chronicles of Never Body of Myths Coat

Was overjoyed to find this piece on Revolve Clothing in an S...marked down...with a promotion code to go along. I've been looking for a cardigan with some front drape.

While engaging in family holiday traditions, I came across this piece, but it was only available in an M or L. I was tempted to go with the M, but I ultimately decided to sleep on it...for a week...and when I came back, it was sold out! Waiting pays off, apparently. I thank whomever must have made a return, leading to the item's restockage.

Use the code: "tulip", to get an extra 15% off. There was a code lurking around for 30% off prior to the new year, but unfortunately, that one expired before this cardi went on. Would have been nice to gain an extra 30% off, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

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