January 2, 2010

A Single Man, Landmark Lagoon Cinema, Minneapolis

As predicted, my fears were premature and A Single Man finally made its way to a theater nearby. Earlier this week, I was so excited to learn it was playing at the Lagoon Cinema in Uptown.

Set in the '60s, this movie draws upon the classic aesthetics and style that era, which doesn't hurt, especially in our current Mad Men-enamoured times. The wardrobe, props, and setting all work seamlessly to give the storyline credibility and substance. It also doesn't hurt that the cast of this movie is comprised of very attractive individuals -- Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult, Jon Kortajarena (the face of the Tom Ford ads!), and Julianne Moore. Tom Ford's eponymous line is what dresses Colin Firth's character. And with such style and confidence! Perhaps a commentary can be made that the Tom Ford line transcends time. Perhaps I'm sounding cheesy. In short, this movie is such a work of beauty. Sad beauty. I highly recommend.

I'm not sure how much longer this film will be showing, so get thee to the Lagoon!

A few thoughts:

I must have those frames Colin Firth wears. Yes, yes, I realize there is no shortage of thick black frames on the market right now, but to find one that doesn't feel cheap takes some time (and money!). I'm wondering if the frames themselves are also an extension of the Tom Ford eyewear line -- they're missing the characteristic "T" on the sides, which makes me wonder. What I love about these ones is the fullness/roundness of the eyes -- sometimes that wayfarer look gets too narrow and cat-eyed, don't you think. I personally prefer a bit more "geek" than "cool cat"...

As for the incredibly good-looking Matthew Goode, he is definitely enjoying the spotlight right now. Anybody catch his editorial spread in the current issue of GQ?

I could stare into Nicholas Hoult's blue eyes forever. What's more, his sweater he dons for most of the movie is gorgeous -- mohair blend is my guess? The boatneck works so well, truth be told, I never considered it an option for men's sweaters.

After realizing the role of Carlos was played by Jon Kortajarena, I concluded I definitely prefer how he looks in the film, all James Dean-esque, as opposed to his Tom Ford ads. The ads are sexy and great, don't get me wrong, but there's something attractive about the less glossy, buffed, and polished look he's given in the movie.

I want this Mercedes someday! I definitely have a growing obsession with vintage Mercedes. But I'm no car aficionado, not in the least. That means I don't even know what model this one is. Anybody care to enlighten me?


My last thought has to do with the ending. Throughout the course of the movie, the audience learns Colin Firth has heart disease. Near the beginning of the movie, he's shown gripping his chest in an episode of angina, my guess is unstable angina give he's just walking within the confines of his one-level house. He grips with his right hand over his left chest. Pretty straightforward. Later on, Julianne Moore's character asks him about a incident that sounds more like a prolonged episode of Prinzmetal's angina, perhaps verging on an NSTEMI. Still, nothing surprising. However, did anybody notice that when he meets his demise at the end of the film with his fatal heart attack, it's his right upper extremity that is affected, and he's using his left hand over his right chest? I'm curious what other people's thoughts are on this. Maybe it's just a filming fluke that couldn't be rectified during post-production editing? Or does it symbolize something more?

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