March 9, 2010

Chanel Fall Winter 2010

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Less than a day ago, Karl Lagerfeld staged his Chanel FW 2010 show in Paris (au Grand Palais, bien sûr), and already, images and discussion are flying everywhere regarding the show itself (an actual iceberg imported from Sweden) and the collection -- faux fur everything. Yes, faux. All of it.

It's been quite amusing to read people's reactions to what has come to pass...but I personally would like to quote Anna Wintour: "There's always a way to wear fur. Personally I have it on my back!"

Ok, so the second half of that quote I can't personally backup/emulate...yet... But I'm quite fascinated by the men's pieces he sent down the runway. I've read words like "Yeti" or "Chubaca" used to describe these pieces (might I also add the term: "Opening Ceremony X Where the Wild Things Are"??)...but personally, I find the looks humerous, lighthearted, fanciful, but eye-catchingly stunning at the same time. If only I could pull off a floor-length coat of black fuzzy.

Who is this model, btw? I'm familiar with Karl's current favorite -- Baptiste Giabiconi (below right) -- and former favorite -- Brad Kroenig (left)...both of whom comprise the remainder of the men's looks...but this other dude I'm going to have to dig around a bit further to figure out...

This jacket that Brad sports strikes me as being the most wearable. To me, the fur paneling speaks of warmth, but in such an extravagant and over the top kind of way. Expendable warmth.

Do I need a fake fur purse with two C's on it? I wonder if I just might... I'm also curious about that tufted scarf...

This last coat is like the perfect ending for any black-tie event ensemble...imagine walking into an occasion donning this! I don't think I'd want to even stop by the coat-check...thanks but no thanks, I'm keeping this baby on...

And enough with the whimsical dreaming for now...

Actual coverage of the show can be found on The Cut and the NYTimes.

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