March 15, 2010

The J. Crew Vintage Splattered Sweatshirt

I've been waiting for this sweatshirt to surface since January! It's finally for sale online.

A couple initial thoughts based on what I can see from the images:

1. The processed and painted touches are nice, but they don't seem as texturized or crustified as the original, which Matthew Goode wears in the January edition of GQ.

2. Missing elbow patches! This isn't necessarily a dealbreaker for me, but if workwear is the theme, elbow patches are certainly a nice and relevant touch...wouldn't you say? Below, the first image comes from the company's spring preview. The second image is a closeup of the actual selling piece.

I really want to like this I refuse to pass final judgement at this time. There's no mention that it's "catalog/ only" I'm hoping I can check out the piece in person at one of the area stores. That'll be my mission this week.

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