March 7, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

JPG for everyone. Officially released today, these frocks have been hanging out on the salesfloor at the Roseville T1 Supertarget since around the middle of last week.

As always with these hi-lo masstige collabs, the pieces are less convincing of a deal in person...although I'm on the lookout for these tattoo print mesh leggings -- already sold out online -- for a girl near and dear to my heart.

No luck at the Roseville location, a very nice girl on the floor told me she didn't recall them ever coming in, no luck at the Minneapolis location either. Maybe I'll call around and see if the other spots here in MN even stocked them...

1 comment:

  1. I live in New York and waited until 4 am on Sunday to buy those tattoo leggings and the tattoo top online. I'm a guy and also a stylist. When my order arrived and I saw them and tried them on in person. I was blown away. They are really great and have the essence of JPG! I love how the leggings and top make me looks like a Japanese marfia lol!

    I bought the men's floral shirts and some boxers from the LOL for Target's pop-up shop already. The shirts are very nice 100% cotton and look very Paul Smith! The ties are very nice too but I don't really like floral prints.

    Oh by the way, I just found out about your blog from today. I love it! Very informative and exciting. Keep up the good work and soon enough you will be like Bryanboy and Tavi. See you in New York some day! ;)


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