March 12, 2010

Liberty of London for Target Bedding Launches Early in MN

While browsing the aisles at my Roseville T1 Target last night, I was surprised to find a shelf of the Liberty of London bedding already put out onto the floor (official release isn't until this coming Sunday). Per Racked NY, this was one of the first major movers at the New York pop-up shop, which closed early due to overwhelming response (the shop was supposed to stay open until tomorrow!). I wonder how long it will last here. I love the prints, but the bedding isn't for me...sorry, just a bit too femmy even for my tastes...

A quick scan of the rest of the store didn't yield any other products from this collection. And a call this morning to the Nicollet location (next door to corporate HQs, and often the place to find early releases of their designer collabs) confirmed they won't be puting out stuff until Sunday. Sad. Still waiting for my shirts, ties, and boxers I guess...


  1. Hi,
    The St. Louis Park Target was a mob scene by 10:00. There were women of all ages with carts full of the stuff. I actually cruised down France to the Edina Target as well to look for one thing I really wanted. Since it was an hour later, they were even more wiped out in the housewares. They had much more of the women's clothes, though. At SLP, it looked like the accessories had been ransacked.
    Hope you had good luck!

  2. JaneKSass --

    As Tina Tina Cheneuse says on SNL: "Haiii-loh!"

    Thanks for your comment! I actually had very good luck. The St. Paul SuperTarget right off of Snelling & 94 actually had a lot of things available by Friday...and then I escaped the Twin Cities Metro area for the rest of the weekend in favor of returning home to Southeast MN, where the Targets remain plentiful, but taste and style leave much to be desired (especially among men) local Target had EVERYTHING I wanted but hadn't found in St. Paul, and I shopped in peace last night (everything was out early here as well)...nobody around me seemed to have a clue about this collection, and so I can't complain ;) I hope you had good luck too! I can imagine the major Targets (like SLP and Edina) would be major mob scenes of women! What'd you end up getting?!



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