March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé in Telephone

With much anticipation and baited breath have I been waiting for the release of this music video. The song itself is so hot, and now I can conclude that the video only adds to that factor.

The following, a list of my favorite aspects and moments of the music video:

1. Commenting on hermaphroditic rumors.

Prison Guard #1: I told you she didn't have a dick.
Prison Guard #2: Too bad.

This while Gaga, pantyless and in fishnets, climbs her jailbars and flashes the viewer her (blurred) crotch. What a way to keep the speculation going!

2. Smokin' hot eyewear.

Literally. I wonder how many takes and how many cigarettes went into this sequence. And the smoke couldn't have been fun to tolerate, dontcha think?

3. The fat black woman sighs upon taking a glance at Gaga on the recess grounds. Her sound and expression. Hillarious.

4. Diet Coke cans for curlers.

Alexander McQueen used pop cans in his FW 2009 show. In a way, I saw this shot above and thought, how befitting in light of everything. Of course, I'm sure the intent was more white trash (more on that below!) than high taste, but to me, the sentiment is there.

5. The "OK" sign.

6. Product placement.

As Lady Gaga is the creative director for Polaroid, how appropriate she'd be flashing pictures with an old-school camera and film.

7. Beyoncé.

OMG Beyoncé deserves a category of her own. I remember reading how Lady Gaga made it clear how she didn't want to bring her Gaga persona into Beyoncé's Videophone video, she wanted to do it up "Gee-yoncé" style. Well, it's like the reverse has happened here, and this time, Beyoncé has been done up so befittingly in the Gaga aesthetic. There's that bee-eyed headdress she dons initially. I LOVE how she gets to don the same flip-shades from Gaga's Paparazzi video. And I especially love how she freaks out at the phone and throws it on the floor in one of the sequences.

8. Americana white trash.

I love how the Gaga creative team has placed a very hot and attractive spin on trailer park living. The diner sequences are such a visually fantastic production. It's rotten, it's rocker, and it shows that consistency and the right sense of styling is all you need to work a look. Star-spangled banners mixed in with studded biker leather, midriffs, greasy looking eye makeup, and the denim. OH the denim. Distressed, shredded and gaping to the point that one could really turn heads, I really wish I could walk around with any pair like the ones on these dancers...especially the pair on Mr. Center-Stage Dude. The long tassel-y shoulder embellishments on his coat are pretty eccentric (but appropriate) too. LOVE it.

9. Jai Rodriguez.

Ooh-la-la! Yum. 'Nuff said.

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