November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday at Patricia Field and Billy Reid

I think it was last year on Racked that I first heard of this notion of a Cyber Monday. Am I late to the game? Go ahead, mock me... From what I remember, the idea was to replicate the after-Thanksgiving Black Friday phenomenon but this time around, strictly in the world of e-commerce. I also believe I read that promos tended to stay limited to electronics and the like. However, tonite, while emptying my inbox, I found emails advertising Cyber Monday deals at Patricia Field and Billy Reid.

For those of you online "window shoppers" like yours truly, you may have known Pat Field had a 20% everything promo going on over the weekend. If you've paged through my blog in the past, you'll also have known I've had my eye on her macho man thermal leggings since I first saw them up online.

Over the weekend, I'd been on the edge of truly hitting the purchase button -- the thermals were there in my shopping cart the whole time, but shipping (always a sobering presence, wouldn't you say?) kept me from going through with it each time I tried...I finally decided I would come back to it at the last minute possible (Sunday, midnight, EST)...or so I thought at the time... As with all things that I set aside for later, I ended up forgetting to go back and complete the transaction...I was feeling kind of sad for missing out, and stupid for feeling so cheap over S&H... So imagine my surprise and elation when I saw this Cyber Monday 30% off deal had made it worth the wait and procrastination! Even with shipping, the total comes to less than the original price point. It's the little things in life that get me through each day I tell ya... I love you Patricia Field.

Over onto Billy Reid...

I find Billy Reid truly charming...I haven't devoted a posting to this line yet...I really should because there's a few personal thoughts on how this brand has been built that I'd like to discuss, but in the meantime...seriously, modern day dandy? I think so.

Now that I have secured Pat Field's thermal leggings, it's onto searching out my next obsession re: long johns and leggings for all-purpose outfit assemblage. This union suit does the job quite nicely.

The patches are quaint...

...and the butt flap so authentic!

Perhaps this time around, a non-flannel (otherwise, it'd be too cliche, no?) button down with my black boots might do the trick?

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