November 28, 2009

H&M Spring 2010 Men's

Swedish site ModeMan posted these images of the H&M Spring 2010 lookbook for men's. As with previous image previews announcing the upcoming season, there's a bit of inspiration culled from here and there... It pains me to think that the majority of this is probably in none for Minneapolis...except perhaps the sand colored trench above, which seems to satisfy H&M's need to offer the same rendition of a mid-length raincoat (okay, with a few tweaks in color and details) season after season... A few more thoughts as we scroll down the images:

1. The skirt above is SO Marc Jacobs in the flesh, and I badly want to pull it off just as he does Tyler Riggs, Barneys-favorite, and the chosen face for these images...

2. Also, I'm loving the reds, purples, and pinks in those sheer ethnic & ombre scarves... The multicolored (abstract-zebra can we call it?) tie-dyed ones are also now on my wishlist.

3. The drop-crotch has finally trickled down to fast fashion. LOVE drop-crotch. Although, the one featured above is a bit too drop and a bit too draped for my height I feel...but on a guy with long legs...

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