November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Music Video

Lady Gaga's new music video for her latest single, Bad Romance, is one visually overloaded masterpiece...and, I daresay, a tribute to Alexander McQueen? How nice that they seem to have struck a reciprocating deal where, one got to play a fresh hot single to closeout his Spring Summer 2010 show, and the other got the privilege of using the extravagant shoes and even a full-on outfit from that show in her music video...

...head to toe in McQueen!...

...oh to literally be the center of attention, while wearing these shoes...

...and here they are again in white...paired very nicely with that must-have train ;)

A couple other thoughts that lead me to stake my claim that McQueen is very much alive in the styling of this vid: beyond the obvious cues to his Spring Summer 2010 show, there's also the spinal vertebral enhancements she sports...

...from time to time, McQueen is all about highlighting skeletal anatomy...

...and then there's that fabulous naked bat Lady Gaga sports along with said vertebrae...

...substitute that out with a feathered bird, outstretched wings and all, and you've got McQueen's Widows of Culloden collection from Fall 2006...

Oh and lastly, on a completely different note...props for casting the hot men in this video...all inked up and looking bad ass...especially the sexy looking lead character with the face ornament. So avant-garde, so appropriate for a Gaga video, so...Jean Paul Gaultier (especially when u take into the other headresses/masks used on the other men?)? Anybody know who he is? He looks male model familiar...I should keep on digging and find out for myself...

...ready whenever you are...


  1. yes please find out who he is I would like to know myself

  2. well found it
    his name is Yuri Bradac

  3. hehe one more comment
    his name is written as
    Jurij Bradač

  4. His name is Yuri Bradac. I want to lick and eat his eyes.

  5. Hey

    His name is Jurij Bradač
    He is a slovenian model :)

  6. Hey james.anderson, audrey, and larissa -- thanks for your comments! i really appreciate it! perhaps it's time i devoted a post of his own to this hunky beast.

    - HDNB

  7. Yes, Yuri was an exchange student at my high school in Prague, OK and that's him. I wonder if my yearbook is worth any more now?


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