November 17, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M, Michigan Avenue, Chicago

So the last time I was living in a city that was fortunate enough to stock an H&M collaboration was back in 2004: Karl Lagerfeld for H&M. I don't recall that there was a line, but then again, I wasn't really paying attention, nor did I show up the day of the launch...I showed up the day after and found the men's selection to be plentiful and complete. I still love the black wool coat I purchased from that collection, and I wear it religiously each winter. But regarding the attention afforded these special designer collections these days, haven't times change drastically?

I'm not quite completely convinced I made a wise choice, but out of the desire to own something that was out of the ordinary -- a pair of men's shoes from what's normally a women's label -- I told myself I had to be at a store that stocked the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection. Chicago was the closest location. With my sister (partner in crime) in tow, we made an overnight drive from Minneapolis to Chicago in order to show up at the Michigan Avenue store 3 hours before opening (7:00 AM). Driving the redeye (can I say that?) is not mentally sound, having done it, I say "NEVER AGAIN!"

At the same time, I also get to say, "I was therrrrrrrrrrrrrre......."

I had one item in mind, the men's biker boots, which, to me, seemed the least generic looking (please, Chelsea boots are everywhere, non?) and possibly the item from the men's collection that looked like it had been given the most thought from the design team (although does that really say much?). And when the clock struck 10:00 and the crowd began filing in to wreak havoc and carnage over the women's items, I made a bee-line to the escalators and up to the third floor. I came, I saw, I purchased. I must say, I'm rather impressed with the make of these boots -- the leather is very soft and pliable, and they're altogether very comfortable to wear. I can't wait to bust these out with a pair of thermal leggings/long-johns and an eclectic-looking cardigan ;)

As has been documented in previous accounts of H&M releases, men's typically always seems more low-key and less vicious, which, in my book, is awesome. I found that to be the case, even though the shot I took of the men's area appears to have somebody taking ripping off the arm of one of the mannequins.

With my item I had come for now safely in my arms, I directed my attention to the levels below. On the second level were the masses -- both wristband and bare -- waiting for access to the women's accessories and shoes.

On a side note, I was slightly embarrassed over my H&M-junkie status given I recognized two "familiar" faces from my time standing in line for the Edina store opening at Southdale. Both corporate employees, one is this cute blond lady (pixie-style haircut), and the other is this very suave, very handsome, very tall, very skinny, very my hair looks so sexy when I haven't washed it in a couple of days -- in short, very Euro, although I could've sworn he spoke plain American English (I could be wrong) -- man. I call them the power duo; they were very much present and around at the Southdale H&M, surveying the last month opening event. I realized I caught a shot of their backs in one of my photos. She's got her arms spanned to prevent traffic from clogging up the escalators, and he (helloooo...) is on her left, appearing to be running his hand through his sexy locks. I secretly wish I could meet them both and become their traveling companion as they go to H&M store events...kinda envious of their jobs here... Oh, and shock-blue-teeshirt cutie...he was a rather nice I walked into the store, I only had to utter the word, "Mens" and he immediately replied, "Third floor." Now that's compatibility right there. Okay, enough with being creepy.

I must say, after standing in the midst of strangers for the better part of the morning, I didn't have much motivation to want to stick around after I had made my purchase. Given we weren't part of the gifted lot to receive the coveted wristbands, my sister, thinking the same anti-social thoughts as were going through my head, said, "Fuck it, let's go to Barneys." And go to Barneys we did.

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  1. Disclaimer: I (almost) never comment on blogs.

    That said...I absolutely HAD to comment on yours b/c:
    1) last year I drove 3+ hours (Indy not Minea) to do Jimmy Choo for H&M at the Chi store on Mich and
    2) your pics documenting the experience will be part of my field guide to prepare my friends for Lanvin <3 H&M next week!

    So sad you're not planning to go this year, though I certainly understand why. ;) Anywho, I wanted to leave a little love on your page in deep appreciation. My peeps just don't know what they're in for!

    t. :D


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