November 27, 2009

Jamie Strachan for J. Crew Holiday 2009

While browsing around one of the J. Crew's in my area, I looked up at their current display images and realized that the beautiful Jamie Strachan, UK male model extraordinaire, has been tapped for their holiday ad campaign/catalog. Mr. Strachan has always stood out to me as one to admire -- even back when I was in high school and would hop on over to the local Barnes & Noble during open period to page through fashion mags -- I've always been impressed with his long and lean build...Boyd Holbrook and Jacquetta Wheeler strike me as two other Brits that come from the same "school" of aesthetics. Whatever is in the water over there, I see people like these three and I regret not having grown up in England ;) Look at how great and elongating those jeans are on him...or vice versa...

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