November 26, 2009

H&M, 51st & 5th, New York City

When lurking around the Rockefeller center, no visit is complete without a stop into the H&M flagship on 51st & 5th...if only all H&M's could be of this caliber, no?

Tyson Ballou and Sasha Pivovarova, this season's reigning royalty of fast fashion...although, Tyson can be my king any season he wants...

Inside, I found the remaining vestiges of the Jimmy Choo for H&M collaboration...the behemoth-size banners were still up...

...women's still had a selection of shoes, accessories, and clothing... did men's...although, I was happy seeing that the biker boots were all sold out, there was not a single pair to be found, and now my trip to Chicago feels that much more worth it to me...

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