February 9, 2010

A|X Valentine's Day Campaign

::image from Armani Exchange ::

If you go onto the Armani Exchange website, you'll find the above image pop up first thing, followed by the phrase, "SHARE THE LOVE" and a prompt to shop V-day gift ideas for both guys and girls. I never shop A|X, but I found out about this V-day campaign through The Cut, which today brought up the right-wing conservative group One Million Moms and its decided anti-A|X-stance due to this set of images.

Yes the sex is heavy and blatant, but I think the message itself -- that love (or lust) is not some cookie-cutter institution -- is beautiful especially in light of our upcoming holiday. And I appreciate their driving home the point even further by using the same set of guy and girl as we transition from left to right. I'm not familiar with the repeat dude (Clint Maurio), but I do appreciate that Marlon Teixeira -- Mr. Dior Homme S/S 2009 -- is a part of these images (far left).

In its plea for other like-minded hermits to take action, One Million Moms cites the hetero-bendable nature of the posed models as despicable, and the exposure of these images to mall-frequenting teen population as concerning. I think my favorite line from their rant is the following:

"Not every local mall has an Armani Exchange, but we need to take a stand since A|X is one of the fashion leaders and this is becoming a popular trend."

Fashion leader? Armani Exchange? I found this quite laughable. These mothers don't have a clue. And frankly, it's probably their own kids who must be the ones shopping A|X because for some reason, the brand is still in existence, and who else but the offspring of idiots would have the audacity to wear stuff from this line with any sense of pride?? And to add to the irony, I'm willing to bet these mothers are the same ones with kids who think Abercrombie (huh? what shirtless employees?) is couture.

These ladies really think they're making a difference. But when it comes to the world of advertising and marketing, I say these ladies are being treated with indifference. For example, they write:

"Moms, you may think this is a long shot, but remember, just last summer complaints to Calvin Klein concerning a foursome billboard was removed from New York City Soho District."

Silly women. Have they taken a peek at what's currently on the Houston Street CK billboard?

Perhaps these mothers are bitter. I couldn't have put it any better than one of the commenters (btw, I highly encourage you to take a stroll through the comments section of The Cut piece, it's highly entertaining), who believes these broads "are a group of menopausal women whose children despise them". For funny!

But more than anything, I'm willing to bet they're bored. Being bored can lead to a lot of damage. I wonder if there are any bored mothers here in MN. I'm guessing yes. Ew.

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