February 22, 2010

Liberty of London for Target, A Different Sort of Preview

Last week, while shopping at my local Target for actual needs, and not just theoretical wants (e.g. browsing Rodarte for Target pieces...as a guy...), I couldn't help but notice the fresh banners they have hanging all over the store. More-so intended to herald the upcoming Easter holiday, a double take of the actual patterns had me wondering, "Liberty prints?"

Target's preview site for its Liberty of London collaboration features a video bursting with florals (and the signature Target-esque quirkyness that flavors the majority of its commercials) along with a guide to the names of the patterns they've derived from Liberty.

Sure enough, even though the actual collaboration doesn't launch until the middle of March (14th to be exact), Target seems to have found a convenient use for its prints, named "Sixty" and "Garla", in the meantime...

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