February 13, 2010

Daniel Liu for J. Crew at GQ's Best New Designers in America Event, 02.11.10

I've always thought J. Crew could use an Asian male model in its catalogs. Asian women have broken down that barrier for quite some time now (Hye Park, Du Juan, Liu Wen), but I wonder if that will ever translate to the male gender. Well until that day actually comes, whenever that will be, we in the meantime have Daniel Liu head-to-toe in J. Crew at the Best New Designers in America event put on by GQ. Editing and styling were done per GQ, so who knows how much say each label -- J. Crew included -- had in the casting of the models. However, there are a few other J. Crew favorites that pop up in the series. So who knows.

ALSO, J. Crew Fall 2010 ALREADY! It's great to catch a glimpse of what will be coming out. Apparently, Red Wings are still good for another season. Wait. Maybe I should devote Fall 2010 @ J. Crew to a post of its own...

Keep on popping up, Daniel!

I wish there was a better version of this photo floating around somewhere. Big THANKS to Flashbang over at tFS for finding a better quality version of this photo!

all images per GQ.com

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