February 10, 2010

Jenna Lyons of J. Crew Talks Trends to AmEx

I love catching glimpses of design studios. The collaged presentation boards and pockets of hodge-podge strewn around the space are so visually stimulating to me. As part of American Express' behind-the-scenes segments during the current and ongoing New York Fashion Week, Jenna Lyons, creative director at J. Crew, goes in front of the camera to talk upcoming trends. Nothing earth-shattering, she recommends the Ludlow suit to guys. She mentions the positive response this cut has received; I say it was a smart design move to offer slimmer-fitting tailored suits to the masses. In conversing with the camera, Jenna also offers a look into the J. Crew design space.

But most importantly, who is the handsome drink of water standing to Jenna's left?! I'm going to just take a stab in the dark here, but given he's cutting out a swatch of fabric, perhaps he's a part of the in-house design team? His plaid flannel is so covetable, as is his neatly coifed hair. Dear J. Crew: tell us more about him.

Catch the whole clip on Facebook, HERE.

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