February 26, 2010

Burberry Prorsum Women's (and Men's) FW 2010

Anybody watch the livestream of the Burberry Prorsum Women's FW 2010 show? The stream this time around was a much more produced effort, complete with on-set announcer both pre- and post-show. What I loved about the collection was its continuation of the themes and styles Christopher Bailey presented at his men's show earlier this year. Wide exaggerated collars on jackets constructed of plush shearling, fashioned with belted leather cuff and collar straps, utility zippers...

Case in point:

I've had these screen captures from the stream just sitting on my laptop for the past few days...


Perhaps the two pieces of outerwear that appealed to me the most to me were this grey cropped shearling jacket...

...and this white patchwork shearling trench...

Both pieces have been up for pre-order on the Burberry site since after the show on Tuesday. Both these looks seem so decadent to me, and so appropriate for the Prorsum image. Perhaps a slightly pared down piece that might be more appropriate for routine winter-wear, that I just as equally warmed up to, is this doeskin coat with the shearling panels. I really love how the black shearling lends a very feminine silhouette and feel to the otherwise standard military-themed upper half.

But, enough about the ladies. My original intentions behind watching the show online were to see which men's pieces would show up for an encore presentation. I love how Bailey always casts a few male models to showcase looks from the men's show.

I have been lusting after this coat ever since I saw it for the first time during the men's show. The final look of the show, the blue-grey tone of the shearling is such a beautiful color, and contrasts quite nicely from the other hues that comprise the collection. I still can't seem to get this coat out of my mind, I seriously am tempted to begin making calls in hopes of tracking it down. I really hope it makes it into production and that it wasn't just a sample piece.

I also found this black shearling coat to be rather appearling, and if I can't track down the above rendition, I'd seriously look into whether or not this second piece was a possibility...

:: hi-res men's images per menstyle.it by way of Festat on tFS ::

Must. Start. Feeding. Piggybank. Starting. NOW!

all images from burberry.com unless otherwise noted


  1. That blue-grey tone shearling coat is gorgeous! I really hope you're able to track it down...be sure to post if you get it. :)

  2. FFM -- THANK YOU for passing through and leaving your positive comments along the way...it makes me feel special knowing somebody out there (besides myself) reads my thoughts ;)

    Have a great start to the new week, and I look forward to seeing what you post in the coming days!

    - HDNB

  3. I have the grey mens shearling coat at my store size 52 :)

  4. Vow..all those apparels are really pretty. I like all of them.

  5. Your Models Are So Sexy and I love the way they styled that entire outfit!
    Shearling Coat & Shearling Jacket Men


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