February 12, 2010

Frank Muytjens of J. Crew in GQ March 2010

GQ.com has put up its March 2010 photospread featuring men's designers it deemed as worthy contenders for its 4th annual award for best new American designer. The list of nominees has been circulating forever, and so it been no secret Frank Muytjens of J. Crew was one of the prestigious few to have been chosen. As it played out, Billy Reid won the coveted title last night. Which is just as well, Reid's eponymous label really sets a romantic tone for the southern dandy.

But back to Muytjens...his shot features him alongside a bevy of beautiful models (a good several are J. Crew favorites, having appeared online and in the catalogs, yea you know you recognize them...hey R.J.!) in front of the company's Liquor Store in Tribeca. It's a beautiful photo, the background serves as the perfect setting for the clothes. You really get the sense the clothes serve a purpose within a modern urban dwelling, no fuss, but on the money in terms of taste. Those shorts I want (3rd from the right) are in the picture too! I'm hoping a scan from the physical magazine will pop up soon, if you have one, send it my way! I'd love to have a bigger version of this picture.

Oh, and the short interview w/ Mr. Muytjens is a fun little read too.

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